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​There really is no wrong way to play Adventure Maximus! but if you want to see how we like to play we've created some tutorials to help new Players and Maximus Masters.

The Maximus Dice

"I love Rolling the dice in Adventure Maximus!  but what do all these symbols mean?"

Watch this video and we'll show you how to roll them bones!

Adventure Maximus Dice Tutorial


Rolling for Initiative in Adventure Maximus!

"If your players are entering a courageous situation who gets to go first?" The short answer is, "They all do!" Watch this video and find out how.

Adventure Maximus Rolling for Initiative


Action Points in Adventure Maximus!

"How do I know how many Action Points I get and how do I get more?" This video will show you how to find out about Action Points in Adventure Maximus!

Adventure Maximus Action Points


The Goblins of Ex-Machina

An excerpt from Frandalf's Encyclopedia Machanica on the history and habits of the Goblins of Ex-Machina.

Frandalf's Guide to Goblins 


The Health Track

Keeping track of your character's health and damage is easy if you use the Health Track on  your character sheet.

The Health Track


Can Kids Really Make & Run Their Own Game?

They Sure Can!
In this video a first time Maximus Master uses an Adventure sheet to create a fun adventure in just minutes.
Players are ages 5-8

Kids Play Session


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