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Bring your game to a whole new level with Character Sheets, a free Rule Book, Amazing

Adventure Hooks & Tips for the first time Maximus Master!



Adventure Hook: NO NAME!

When the adventurers awaken to discover that no one can speak their names the quest is on to discover the reason. 


Don't forget to fill in your character's Armor Score and Will Power in pencil, because these scores can change in game.

Download and print this PDF at 100%  scaling on letter sized paper. In less than two minutes you'll be finished making your very own character and be ready to play Adventure MAXIMUS!

Adventure MAXIMUS! Rulebook

Download the BETA rule book for Adventure MAXIMUS!

 "This is the most awesome game in the history of existence!" Victor (age 6)


Every Adventure begins here, in the pages of the Adventure Maximus! Rule Book. 

This is the Heart of the Who, What, Where, How Adventure creation system.

First time Maximus Master? No idea what the quest should be, where the adventure leads to, or who the big bad guy is?

Let the WWWH Adventure Creation System take care of all that, then just sit back and enjoy the  game.

Adventure MAXIMUS! Adventure Sheet

Adventure MAXIMUS! Character Sheet

Adventure MAXIMUS! Character Figure Flats Sample

Download and print this Character Figure Flat

sample and bring your adventures to life!

Hello Adventurers! As we were getting geared-up for Star MAXIMUS! we go a request for a toy donation sorting letter for Adventure MAXIMUS! 

I hadn't considered the need for a donation sorting letter, but It makes perfect sense. Adventure MAXIMUS! is a bizzare thing that would confuse a toy sorter at any charity organization. I hope that you find it useful. The letter can be found in the FREE CONTENT page, or you can just click on the link below.  

Charity Donation Sorting Letter

Download and print the Card of the Week then go to our Facebook group and enter your idea for the card text.  The new Card of the Week drops every Wednesday. 
Join in on the fun today! 

Adventure MAXIMUS! Card of the Week

Will your Heroes Help the Sparrow King in his search for a dangerous artifact? Download the whole adventure for free HERE!

New Adventure MAXIMUS! Adventure "A Mere 20 Feet!"

Bongo, Ex-Machinas greatest singer, has fallen under a curse! The magic makes all of his mis-heard song lyrics come to life. Can you help him before it's too late? Download the whole adventure for free HERE!

New Adventure MAXIMUS! Adventure "The Curse of the Earworm!"
This Adventure Sheet should be printed out on LEGAL sized paper at 100% scaling.

Adventure Hook: FOREST POLICE!

There's a mystery in the woods and Sargent Bumbles of the forest Police needs a few good adventurers to solve the Case of The Day The Teddy Bears Had Their Picnic.

Maximus Master Tips: BOSS FIGHT!

Boss fights can be the most exciting part of an Adventure Maximus! quest but how do you handle it and make it fun for your players? Here are a few tips to make that battle a memorable one.

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