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The Story of Adventure Maximus!

Ever since my three boys discovered that "old dad" was a role playing gamer, they have wanted to play too.  I was  excited to teach them, but my attempts ended in failure,  never even making it through character creation.

The sad reality was no introductory RPG for children existed. Some games claimed to present rules and mechanics that kids would like but held little appeal to young gamers.

While lamenting this deplorable situation to my wife, she told me to quit whining and, "make our kids a game they can play."

Smart and beautiful, what a lucky guy I am.

So I created Adventure Maximus! It's a game where kids easily create characters, plan and run adventures, find treasures and be heroes! Adventure Maximus! inspires creativity,  problem solving and provides quality face time with other human beings rather than staring into computer screens.

For a time,  I kept the game just for my boys and their friends but soon began getting calls from parents asking where they could purchase copies of Adventure Maximus! That's when I knew that I had to take my "home-brew-project" to the next level.


What better way to make this game available to the public than going directly to moms and dads who have always wanted to play RPGs with their young kids?  I figure I can't be the only one. That brings us to Kickstarter where we are ready to give it our best shot to share Adventure Maximus! with the world.

I sincerely hope you will lend us your support and spread the word to as many people and parent/gamer resource outlets as possible. Please help us make our dream of bringing the first RPG that kids can run as well as play to the gaming community come true!

Thank you for your time!

-Francis Hogan


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