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Two NEW Adventures for Adventure MAXIMUS!

Hello Adventurers!

There are two new Adventures in the Free Stuff section of the website! 

Adventure MAXIMUS! Card of the Week!

Hello Adventurers!

Free is always my favorite price, so with that in mind, I hope you're all enjoying the Adventure MAXIMUS! Card of the Week. 
It's a great activity for class rooms, or rainy days at home when the video games just aren't cutting it.
Download and print the Card of the Week then go to our Facebook group and enter your idea for the card text.  The new Card of the Week drops every Wednesday. 

Join in on the fun today! 

Hello Adventurers!

The Judges at the ENnie Awards have nominated Adventure MAXIMUS! in the category of Best Family Game of 2015. 
Voting for the nominees starts on July the 4th, I hope you'll all head over and give us your support.

Hello Adventurers!

Each week I'll be posting art for an unnamed and unstatted card on our facebook group. Then it'll be up to you to fill in the blanks!

The creator of the most imaginative suggestion will win the title  " Most MAXIMUS!" for the week and I will make their card into a PDF that every one can download for FREE!

Hello Adventurers! As we were getting geared-up for Star MAXIMUS! we go a request for a toy donation sorting letter for Adventure MAXIMUS! 

I hadn't considered the need for a donation sorting letter, but It makes perfect sense. Adventure MAXIMUS! is a bizarre thing that would confuse a toy sorter at any charity organization. I hope that you find it useful. The letter can be found in the FREE CONTENT page, or you can just click on the link below.  


Adventure MAXIMUS! is now in stores, but if you can't find one or live too far away from a Friendly Local Game Store you can follow this link to the Adventure MAXIMUS! ONLINE STORE. Just click through and get a chance to shop for the best in Adventure MAXIMUS! merchandise, Like the Starter Game, MAXIMUS Master screens, Deluxe Dice, Frandalf's Adventure Guide: The Realms of Ex-Machina, AND MORE!


Adventure MAXIMUS! Ad in GYGAX Magazine: 

There are so many things happening so fast here at Adventure MAXIMUS! I'll try to catch you up on it all- 

First there was the GAMA trade show, awesome event, and Adventure MAXIMUS! got a bunch of attention from retailers and distributors. 

Next there came a great article about Adventure MAXiMUS! in ICv2, Here's the link.

Today I opened up a message directing me to a truly amazing review of Adventure MAXIMUS! game play from Chris, Gnome Games Dungeon Master, here's that link

I think the train is rolling, rolling a MAXIMUS!


Adventure MAXIMUS! Ad in GYGAX Magazine: 

The latest issue of Gygax Magazine (#3) has the first hardcopy advertisement for Adventure Maximus. 

Gygax Magazine is a pen and paper magazine done is the style of the old Dragon magazine from the 80s-90s era. Should be in stores shortly.

Future issues may include Adventure Maximus articles - so keep an eye on this magazine.

Adventure MAXIMUS! Off To Press: 

After Months of Edits and layouts and re-layouts and educator approvals Adventure MAXIMUS! has finally been handed over to our printer. Soon all of that hardwork will payoff when our backer's friends and families are playing the only RPG so kid friendly that Kids can run the game. 


Thank you all for your patience and well wishes, we needed all of them to get through all that work. 


Adventure MAXIMUS! Forums are Live!

The big news is that the Adventure MAXIMUS! fourms are live and ready for you to use for any of your game related discussions. 

I will be glad to answer your game questions, but please remember that we are incredibly busy so be patient I will answer all your questions as soon as I can. 
Thanks Everyone!




to be "A Thing"!

Bring your game to a whole new level with amazing adventure hooks & tips for the first time Maximus Master!

Adventure Maximus uses kid friendly mechanics that foster creative play and storytelling!

The Chattiest place since the chat train left for Talkytown. Come and share, ask questions or just hang out.

Adventure Maximus has tons of great art, over 100 original illustrations, here are just a few!

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